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Should You File A Roof Insurance Claim To Replace Your Roof?

As Floridians, we're no stranger to the intense storms mother nature can throw our way. If you notice visible damage to your home after a severe weather event, it is essential to contact Steadfast Roofing, immediately! Call us before taking any steps to repair the situation yourself.

A trained professional will visit your house and assess the damage to confirm it is due to a weather event. We take pictures and record all the relevant information necessary to start the roof insurance claim process.

We will continue to work with the homeowner throughout the roof insurance claim process and help you through the process from start to finish.

Roof Insurance Claim Process

Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating, but we will be there every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction. We are so excited to have the opportunity to help you!

1. Contact

You will need to contact your insurance company to file a damage claim. You can forward them the email you'd received from us containing the photo report as proof of damage.

2. Adjuster

Your insurance adjuster will contact you to schedule an on-site inspection typically within five (5) business days.

This is a CRITICAL STEP in which you need to contact your project manager @ Steadfast Roofing so they can be present to represent you.

This ensures that all damage gets documented and that you get a roofing system that will meet current building code requirements.

3. Adjuster's Info

Please provide Steadfast Roofing with your adjuster's contact information so that we can confirm the scheduled inspection & facilitate the process.

4. Report

Once we are notified that a field adjuster has been scheduled, we get to work preparing a complete report for them (including measurements, estimates, and photos).

This report will help expedite the handling of your claim while ensuring your adjuster has all the information needed to facilitate your claim.

5. Replacement Cost

Within fourteen (14) days of the insurance adjuster inspection, a scope of work will be provided by the adjuster.

This will be reviewed to ensure the scope-of-work contains all items required for install, and to ensure there have been no omissions that would either be required due to building code OR due to any oversights by the adjuster.

At this time, your first check representing your claim's net Actual Cash Value (ACV) will be on the way.

6. Scheduling

Once the job proposal is signed, deposit money (ACV + deductible) is collected, and color selections have been made, we will schedule your roof replacement project!

Your project will be completed to manufacturer installation specifications in addition to current Florida Building Code requirements by our manufacturer trained installers.

7. Inspection

Upon completion of your roof replacement, an inspection will be setup with the county to finalize & close your permit.

When the final inspection passes, the permit will be closed.

8. Final Invoice

A certificate of completion will be issued to your insurance carrier for the release of your recoverable depreciation (if applicable).

Upon receiving this, your insurance carrier will issue you your second check representing the remainder of your claim's Replacement Cost Value (RCV).

9. Register Warranty

Upon Steadfast Roofing receiving your final payment, you will receive a copy of your warranty registration information.

You now have a beautiful new roof featuring one of the very best warranties in the industry!


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